Brown Stormy day, part 2.

Removing and marking

Removing and marking

I’ve been blogging about other things for awhile, so the painting that started out as the Brown Stormy Day has been completed and already been to its first show – and had a lot of admiration.  Not quite enough that I didn’t bring it home again with me though, but that can happen.  🙂

Working with the edges

Working with the edges

The deep panel wasn’t really easy to work with as I wasn’t able to decide which pieces to put on the sides while I still had the front set out, so there was quite a bit of back and forth with finding what would work on the edges.  The top and bottom edges were fortunately fairly uniformly burnt umber, so they required less matching work.  The sides required more.  Such is art.

Gluing in two dimensions

Gluing in two dimensions


One thing that I realized is that most of my online pics don’t let the viewer see the texture.  So there’s a really good texture shot later on.


Gluing in two dimension is one of those interesting four-handed moments.


Adding bare branches

Onto the easel to add foreground. Adding bare branches.







Filled in the leaves

Filled in the leaves. I usually paint foreground when the painting is lying on the work surface, but this larger painting needed to be vertical.








Now you can see the texture

Back on the work surface for layers of glaze. Now you can see the texture







Creosote and Sand

“Creosote and Sand” – over the sofa. 30x40x3″ $2100.


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