Brown stormy day.

Dusty Sunset

Dusty Sunset

Perhaps the wind started to remind me what caused the amazing brown and gold sunset I photographed many years ago, and finally got to painting.  You can tell by the scratches it’s an old film photo. The creosote bush in the foreground on the photo is no longer there.  I was certainly in the right place at the right time though, to get this momentary shot.


10 paintings to start.

I actually started over a week ago and have been plucking away at it in stages.  This is the progress so far.  I thought also that I would use this as a quick visual ‘how it’s done’.



Circles on paper

Circles – I used the bottom of a jar that was the right size.

Cut circles

Cut circles. My hand is sore.

A few key pieces

A few key pieces

Starting to take shape

Starting to take shape

All the front is arranged.

All the front is arranged.

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