Windy day.

The end of a windy day

“The end of a windy day” – watercolor collage on foamcore mount. 8×10″ matted to 11×14″. $90.

The last couple days have been really windy.  When I returned home on Monday evening, the wind was blowing out of the north, which is kinda unusual, but soon switched back to the west.  We had a respite last night until early this afternoon – then we’re off again.  The Salton Sea turns black and has whitecaps.  If I open a window, everything is soon covered with a thin film of sand.

I have been working on the component watercolor paintings for a large refractured watercolor – 30×40″ – I have nine iterations so far and I think this will probably be enough.  The photograph I’m working from is of a very unusually colored sunset – a dust storm – umber and ochre.

But while the last three watercolor were drying I thought I would put together a collage from the leftovers.  It was one of those that came together really easily – and the name, and the subject was inspired by the turbulence going on outside the studio window.  I had thought earlier it would be nice to sit on the swing at sunset this evening and watch dusk fall over the sea and wait until the stars pop out.  If I sat on the swing now, I would soon be well swung!  It’s certainly too windy for a kite out there – but in here – we can dream.

The end of a windy day - on the worktop

The end of a windy day – on the worktop

At least it’s not hot – the wind, though, does remind me of something a friend said before I moved here.  He was an avid sand dune buggy rider and when I asked him what the place was like, his email reply was ‘It is very hot and windy.  Also, windy and hot.  Did I mention the heat and the wind?”

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