Work in progress…. complete

crimson ribbon, refractured watercolor

“Crimson Ribbon” – refractured watercolor on wraparound panel, 34x36x1″. $1720

Here it is – I named it ‘Crimson Ribbon’ for the line of red cloud running through just above the center.  I also decided to go with writing a poem specifically to go with the painting.  I have long loved writing Shakespearean Sonnets and this painting was certainly big enough to accommodate one.  I painted the words in the clouds, for the most part to be similar colors to the background.  I like to do this so that if someone doesn’t care for the poetry, they can stand back from the painting and ignore it.  I figure about 15% of people who come into my booth will notice words that I put on a painting without my pointing them out, though it also seems that once they’ve found them, most people like the idea.  Another reason that the refractured watercolors especially can be enjoyed at close range as well as at a distance.  Here’s the sonnet.

Crimson Thread

The world is turning into dawn, and I
can see a crimson thread start to appear
announcing that the newest day is near –
it makes me greet the beauty with a sigh.
Soon the ribbon’s red will turn to gold
and other wisps softly to scarlet turn –
water, under influence of light will burn
such colors that it awes us to behold
the transition from nighttime into day
and cause to wonder how we could deserve
this vision – just for living on a curve –
and leaves us without words that we can say,
only the thought that perhaps we should do right
to earn the reward that brings the end of night.

I expect this painting will first see its outing at the end of the month at Mission Federal Art Walk in Little Italy in San Diego.



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