A work in progress.

Pieces cut and and a few ideas mapped out.

Pieces cut and and a few ideas mapped out.

I’ve been plucking away at this larger refractured watercolor for so long that I decided to start taking pix.  I should really have started with the watercolors that comprised it, but at the time I didn’t know that I was going to think about recording the development of the creature that has taken over the studio for so long.  If you’ve never been in or seen the studio before – this is it for the work table – so you can see it’s pretty impossible to start working on something else once one of these has been started.

Almost all arranged.

Almost all arranged.

It’s been in the works for over a week.  So much else going on and not been A1 physically in the last week.   I painted this dawn five times in order to get enough ‘work’ to work with.  It’s an odd sized board – upcycled from a sturdy panel that had a poster map stuck on it. I usually find a treasure or two when I go to Goodwill.

Picking up and marking the squares.

Picking up and marking the squares.

I recently discovered that the drafting table not only raises at the back, but also at the front, so I now have a much higher surface to work on.  That really makes a difference to my back and has already paid for itself in avoiding trips to the chiropractor.

End of the day....

End of the day….

This panel is a little different in that it has a slight bevel on the edge, which actually works very well with the way the watercolor paper bends – or doesn’t want to bend.  There were a total of 184 pieces – I think that’s the most pieces I’ve had in one refractured watercolor.  I’ve created larger artworks, but they had larger pieces.  I don’t really keep track too much though. OK, this is a far as I got yesterday.  Should finish it and be able to show you early next week.

2 thoughts on “A work in progress.

  1. Whoa, that looks like – something I could make a big mess out of, LOL. I really do like the idea of making mosaics like this but I don’t think it mixes well with cats! So do you number the pieces after the design is done?


    • Hi Pia, Yes, cats would not work well with this medium. I number the pieces as I take them up and mark precisely where they need to be glued down eventually. As they don’t go top to bottom, left to right – I overlap them based on how they work with adjacent pieces – I’d never remember, especially with 186 almost identically shaped pieces.


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