Wow that looks better.

Sea Crest Dawn #33, 24x18", $540.

Sea Crest Dawn #33, 24×18″

Sea Crest Dawn XXXIII has been hanging out at the Pioneer’s Museum in Imperial for the last couple years.  Having work hanging in a museum all the time may look good on the resume, but that’s not always the best way for a painting to find its new home, so I persuaded the museum gallery director to let me trade out.  Well, two of the frames were broken (I guess they did have an interesting time there…) so I decided to remount all three refractured watercolors on panel, rather than reframing. This is the last of the group.  I ordered a 2″deep panel from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff and today the UPS truck stopped at my house. Spent the afternoon at the delicate peel-n-restick process.  Hopefully I will never have to do that process again.  But it was worth it to see the result.  Still have to put acrylic glaze on, but couldn’t wait to show the world the new look.  I love it.

3 thoughts on “Wow that looks better.

    • The worst part is…. after I hung it on the wall, I saw that part of the horizon was crooked. An unfortunate side effect of not being able to see the bottom of the frame while assembling it. Oh well, I really love this one and now I have a perfect excuse to keep it.


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