Framing… or not

Mesquite Dawn.

Mesquite Dawn.

I don’t really like framing – in part because I’m not very good at it.  I use plain frames so that the buyer can re-frame if desired, without having spent half the value of the artwork on the frame.

When I’m framing, I can check so closely that there is no dust between the glass and the mat/painting before I put in the staples, then after I’ve stapled…. where do all those bits of whatever come from???  That is one of the things that I enjoy about moving to work that doesn’t need to be framed.

Last fall when I was at the Rancho Mirage art show, a wonderful helper and I dropped a couple pieces framed under glass out of the back of the truck.  Onto concrete.  They were boxed, so the frames survived but the glass didn’t.  One was a standard size frame, so I just had to pick up a piece of glass and reframe.  The second wasn’t, and I’ve already wasted one piece of plexi-glass attempting to teach myself how to cut this.  I’m going to have another go this week… but perhaps before I do…. someone would be interested in this refractured watercolor unframed – and then choose a nice frame for it that you like.  It frames to 34×24″ frame.

Special deal – $490 (+ tax if applicable) and if I need to ship, I’ll include USPS shipping, or you can pick it up from me at a show, or we’ll figure out if I can deliver. (Master/Visa/Discover/Cash/Check on US bank).  Let me know before Feb 20th!

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