Venus Studios Art Supply.

Venus Studios Art Bazaar FlyerVenus is one of those places that I shouldn’t be allowed in while carrying plastic.  It’s easy to get carried away with interesting new paints I’d like to try and ooh, I wonder how that brush would work…what else do I need….I wonder what that does…

This weekend I’m not going to be at the Bazaar – it’s one of my rare weekends ‘off’ from shows, catching up with some much overdue house maintenance.  But, if you’re in the area, you might not only enjoy the other artists at the bazaar, but if you thought you might like to pick up a copy of ‘The Skies of Peace and Passion’, my friend Christina Lange will have a few on her stall.  It will be one of the many gift items available, created by local artists.

And if you wander inside the store at their new larger location, you will surely find a wonderment of things to get your own – or someone else’s – creative juices flowing.

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