3:10 in Yuma

"Wave Crest" - 9x20" refractured watercolor on float panel.  $225.

“Wave Crest” – 9×20″ refractured watercolor on float panel. $225.

I love the drive to Yuma – through desert, fields, desert and winding back and forth across the All American Canal.  I also enjoy my art restock in the Yuma Art Center Gift Store, which I do about every three months.

This time Catherine chose four of the new “Thought in a box” boxes and a few of the very latest, including ‘Wave Crest’.  Wave Crest is one of those born of a happy accident. It reminded my that some friends who have known me since before I started painting seriously comment that they can’t even draw a straight line.  Well the crest of that wave happened because of me not being able to paint a straight line all the way across the page.

While I was waiting for Catherine to complete the paperwork I was able to look around the show currently in the gallery. I’m often intrigued by techniques I haven’t seen or tried before.  The ‘dribble’ run of oil paint down a canvas confirms what I suspected about being able to paint oil as wet-in-wet. The use of alcohol inks on steel make me want to try those. The work of on Glenda Jackson with poetry and painting on and within boxes sure resonated.  I asked Catherine if she was going through a ‘box’ period of her curatorship.

Check out some of the work on their website. http://www.yumafinearts.org/  If you’re anywhere close to Yuma, it makes a nice day or weekend trip….Oct-April unless you like it toasty! (There are other things to do in Yuma, besides catching the train.)


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