Green sky??

Dawn sky across the Salton Sea - with a hint of mint green.

Dawn sky across the Salton Sea – with a hint of mint green.

Last night I went to a friend’s house for dinner.  I thought an hour before I was due to leave that I would have to take a rain check as I got hit with a pretty good rainstorm.  Fortunately it was fairly localized – the street outside my house didn’t fill up with rain and the washes weren’t running.  He lives on the other side of town, and he didn’t get a drop from that little downpour.

However, as we prepared to eat, the skies darkened above us to the east, the drops started, but the sun shone through from the west.  We were talking about how we both like scenes where the dark storm sky is contrasted against a pale wheat field.

Continuing the discussion and wonder at some of the odd colors that the sky was turning as we ate, said that I thought that the sky can create almost every color.

But not green, he mused.  Well, thereby hangs a tale.  It’s hard to imagine painting a blue sky and merging it into a yellow horizon without getting a green area in the middle.  It is possible with the appropriate pigments to do that merge, but in truth the sky does occasionally go there with the green.  I’ve photographed it on several dawns off my back porch, and also saw it at sunset during a recent trip to Lake Cuyamaca.  With a second opinion no less, at the validity of that little bit of mint green.

The photo I’ve attached is one of those mint dawns across the Salton Sea.  If you think it’s photoshopped – yes it is, but** only to the extent that I have color corrected the image to match that of the film photograph that I scanned it from.

If you still doubt the sky can make green – think of a rainbow – and aurorae!


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