Going round in circles

"Bright Morning" - refractured watercolor on flat panel with acrylic edges. 12"x12".  $180

“Bright Morning” – refractured watercolor on flat panel with acrylic edges. 12″x12″. $180

I had been very much looking forward to demonstrating refractured watercolors at Red Brick Gallery on the Sunday just past – but was disappointed that I only created one refractured watercolor and almost completed one collage.  I looked at the work on the wall behind me and saw that I didn’t have any up that were created with circles.

So, I went with my usual next-step, what do I have that’s round, to make a template.  The bottom of the acrylic spray was the answer, so I  drew circles on the back, and set to cutting them out.  Quite a few people were impressed that I was able to cut such neat circles freehand – of course they could only see the front of the painting, not the pencil marks on the back!

Sadly circle cutting takes a long time, hence only creating one painting, but here it is!  In some ways it was good to have a the other two watercolors so I could show people an example start point, more difficult to envision when I was on the assembly stage and it’s less obvious I started with a whole painting, rather than a set of individually painted circles.

During the course of my work, David Yamamoto from the Ventura County Star took some photos: with a potential client and putting the foreground on the painting.


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