Catching up.

"Mixed Weather".  Watercolor collage 4 1/2" x3".  $25

“Mixed Weather”. Watercolor collage 4 1/2″ x3″. $25

Often my whiteboard – my to-do list – is stuffed with unfinished projects and their looming deadlines.  Often I don’t know where to start with the business side of being an artist, so I just pluck away at the closest deadline.  Often it feels like if I run around in the circle any faster, I will catch my own tail, which is interesting as I don’t have one.  Often I feel like this, but not always…..for today…..

…. I have caught up.

I only have application deadlines comfortably out at the next month or the one beyond.  I have all but two long-term applications applied for, I have started putting paintings on eBay (burning hoops to set up a new business account with them, and PayPal and the first listing itself took 3 days), I have my book of poetry and paintings on second proof with CreateSpace,  I have the mailing list prepared for this weekend’s show.

I may not have caught more than one fish this year, I may not be able to catch that fly that got into the studio, I have not caught more than one Anaheim Ducks game this season, I may have caught my knee on the ladder going to look at a nest full of chicks which gave me a prize bruise, I may not have caught a break with the lottery numbers, I may have forgotten to catch the meteor shower last night, but I have caught up.

And I caught a moment to put a new collage together.

I just hope I don’t catch down again.

1 thought on “Catching up.

  1. Just keep doing what you’re doing! Let each day take care of itself … that’s what we have — Today! Yesterday’s gone, we have Today, Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. xo


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