Only a windstorm

"Rain to the Rescue".  Watercolor collage; 8"x6" will frame to 10x8"

“Rain to the Rescue”. Watercolor collage; 8″x6″ will frame to 10×8″

It would be so nice to have one more rainstorm before summer.  Each morning I see dark clouds, but they don’t pink up into anything interesting to photograph, and they dissipate to high cirrus clouds for most of the day.

This afternoon is the windiest it has been in a while.  I actually had to close the windows for the first time since I’d returned from Fountain Hills.  But I did so too late, I will have to dust now anyway!

This little collage is a bit like some of the recent mornings.  A little hint of interest, but that’s all.  We need rain to the rescue, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.


One thought on “Only a windstorm

  1. sooo beautiful Jeni, really do wish I had, even some, of your talent, guess I will just have to remain happy with appreciating your work!


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