Look up.

Look Up #1

Look Up #1

Yesterday morning I’d just unzipped the walls from my tent at the Desert Art Festival in Palm Springs, set the desk out back and the umbrella, and I looked up.  We were all nervous about the wind forecast, and I looked up to see how much the palm trees were swaying.  I was delighted by some white lacy clouds – and fortunately had the camera with me.  I took a shot, then reframed and took another.  It wasn’t until I came to download them just now that I realized how much those clouds had moved in two or three seconds.  Soon they were gone.  The fleeting beauty inspired me to write this:

Look Up #2

Look Up #2

Look up

Look up because you might just catch
a butterfly of sky’s lace
disappearing from your present
as the future sidles by.

Look up because beauty
is rarely less transient
than any of us –
even stars do not shine forever.

Look up because only in life
can we see these glints of flying water
just this way – and just this cloud
only right now, right now.

Look up because even without clouds
the dome can hold you down, black or blues
and is that where we all hope
to go eventually?

8 thoughts on “Look up.

  1. Your prose makes me think about the clouds and how beautiful they are! Thank you, Jeni, for sharing this. The most awesome and sad time for me was when we were going back to my brother’s funeral. We were flying above the clouds — miles and miles of wonderful white, billowy coulds and the sun shining from the West creating different shades of orange and red. Although my eyes were blurred with tears, I thought to myself, I’ll never ever forget that day flying above those clouds already missing my loved one that I would never see again.


    • Thank you, Lottie. I’m sorry to hear you lost your beloved brother – you don’t mention how long ago this was, but missing those who leave holes in our lives doesn’t change too much, however long it is. I’m glad the beauty you saw from the plane brought a good memory to mitigate the sadness that day. You might enjoy dropping by sometimes.


  2. Never seen clouds like this, thanks for sharing! I was given a used pocket camera, so I’m going to bring it with me to capture more skies when I’m out and about, I often regretted that I hadn’t, but SLRs are really in the way on lots of occasions.


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