"On the Up" - refractured watercolor. 15x11", framed to 20x16".  $225.

“On the Up” – refractured watercolor. 15×11″, framed to 20×16″. $225.

I meet a lot of interesting people at art fairs (and occasionally some very  weird ones) – but one gentleman I talked to on Sunday really made me laugh.  He came in my booth and looked around and after a few words of greeting, I asked him what brought him out to the art fair.  He said ‘Do you really want to know the truth?’ So I told him ‘Go ahead, I’m listening.’  ‘The popcorn.’  I have to admit the kettle corn is good.  I daren’t buy any, they only sell large bags.

Well, then we got to joking around, he also commented that art fairs were a great place to meet women.  ‘Ah, I know that one,’ I told him.  ‘I met my other half when he bought a painting from me.’  Then I asked what was in retrospect a stupid question.  ‘So, what kind of art do you like?’.  His answer – Limedilligas.  Huh?  He came closer.  ‘Look into my eyes.  Does it look like I give a s***?’   We laughed and I pointed out that the question slagiatt.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, back in the studio, I have been making some changes to a couple of pieces.  Not putting land/foreground on a few paintings slagiatt, but I changed my mind.  ‘On the Up’ now is more of a skyscape than an abstract.  It will be at the Indian Wells fair this weekend.


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