Hidden skies

"Moreno Valley Morning"  20x24" acrylic on wraparound canvas. $400

“Moreno Valley Morning” 20×24″ acrylic on wraparound canvas. $400

I’m currently working on three collages to submit to a competition for artists who live near to the US/Mexico border.  One of the requirements is that the work submitted initially has not been previously shown elsewhere, even online… so I can’t show you what I’m creating.  Oh well.

The next project will be for the Rochester Contemporary 6x6x2013 fundraiser – I like doing these little studies for possible future paintings, and this year I have decided to work from the photographs one of my fans has been sending me – sunsets rather than dawns.  The only snag is, the work is shown in Rochester anonymously, i.e. only signed on the back…so I can’t show you what I’ve painted.  .

But after the flurry of activity for commissions, I decided I could no longer look at the almost-completed painting that I worked on at the demonstration for Artoberfest in Moreno Valley.  “Moreno Valley Morning” is now complete.

Really, some people will do anything to put off working on taxes…

Happy New Year to you all!

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