I had a feeling…

"The last sunset of the last Baktun!"

“The last sunset of the last Baktun!”

…. that somehow, the sun would indeed rise this morning.  It tends to.  I kinda take it for granted more than the next breath.  Though I recently stumbled on an interesting book called The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, in which this became less frequent.  An unique read.

I also had a feeling (it’s also called reading the weather forecast) that this winter solstice dawn would not be the most interesting, skywise.  I was right, there was not a cloud in sight.  I immediately banished the thoughts of going to photograph the sun rising out of the Salton Sea, as it appears to do around winter solstice.

Fortunately there had been a more interesting display the previous evening, so I thought I would take the camera to it just incase my feeling was wrong, and this was the last sunset….

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