Work in progress.

A Work in Progress.  It doesn't have a name yet!

A Work in Progress. It doesn’t have a name yet!

This time of year is usually a lull time for the art world, but not so in this studio. I’ve got two commissions in progress.  Here’s the second one – the request was for the colors of ‘Coffee Bean Morning’ and the triangles of ‘Three Ancient Sentinels’.  I’m waiting for the customers to let me know if they’re happy with what I have so far before I glue it down.  Eventually it will have the same foreground as Coffee Bean Morning also.

In other news I heard the other day that my Desert Wreath brought $150 for the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City.

1 thought on “Work in progress.

  1. looks a little like a gathering storm, but a pleasant storm if that is possible. How about storm in a coffee cup? LOL So glad that your work is gaining in value (girl’s club!) Still think you under-sell yourself, you work is worth sooooo much more dear. Was showing it to my carer today and she was truly impressed especially the cup-crown as I named it! Love as always Xx


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