Making waves.

Left section of triptych Cape Cod Bay at Sunset

Left section of triptych Cape Cod Bay at Sunset

Had fun this afternoon working with a couple on the commission that I am creating for them.  Their photographs that I’m working from are going to become a triptych of a sunset across Cape Cod Bay from Provincetown, Mass.  They hadn’t been sure from my photographs that what I’d painted, cut and placed together was quite how they wanted it, so they came for a studio visit to play with the setup themselves.

It was good to sometimes have two extra pairs of hands when trying to pick up a mat without disturbing anything and move around pieces of paper that are intent on jiggling against the piece next to them.

Here’s one of the sections from the triptych in its ‘raw form’ – painted, cut and placed together, but just before the delicate stage of picking up pieces in the reverse-glue-down order and marking where they need to go.  The surrounding mat won’t be there – they’ll be mounted on boards, and a sliver of land added on the horizon.  They always look better when they’re done than at this stage!


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