Desert Sky Wreath

“Desert Sky Wreath”.

While cutting branches from my mesquite the other week, I was thinking about how I had forgotten to go to Michael’s and bought items from which to construct a wreath for the Boys and Girls club wreath fundraiser. I wanted to make something locally inspired, and with another couple of ideas-in-the-idea-stage in mind came up with a mesquite wood wreath sporting 12 mini sky paintings in dome-shaped skies.  I created the ‘cups’ with a plaster-cloth product formed around a locally found sandstone concretion that is pear-shaped.  Each sky is from a different month – or thereabouts, some of the winter mornings could be anytime in the winter, and some of the summer skies are painted from memory rather than from a photograph

Yes, I know, it’s not your average wreath, but then I aspire to not be the average artist.  Sometimes it’s not what you can paint, it’s what you can conceive of.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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