Sandy relief.

Summer Morning

“Summer Morning”, refractured watercolor on board. 12″x12″, $180.

Clouds can be very beautiful from the outside, and bring refreshing rain but the sudden reorganization of everything by wind and ruination by flooding does not bring the same kind of appreciation.  I’ve been blown down and flooded, both at home and at shows but nothing compared to what New York/New Jersey area experienced last week.

I’m personally blessed that everyone I know in the area affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and well and suffered nothing more than power outage.  I can’t donate blood, nor temporarily put a roof over someone’s head, so…

When I was working in the Vanguard Gallery on Friday, the gallery directory Rick Archer was telling me his decision to donate a percentage of gross revenue from sales of his own work during this November to the Red Cross for disaster relief for the afflicted areas.  I told him to do the same with my work.  I’ve also decided to donate 20% of sales made directly during this month to the same cause – i.e. at shows and website/email.


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