Artists helping artists.

“Old Moon II” at Pioneer’s Museum in Imperial.

Paula Kwast (Mission Federal Art Walk) once said that one of the things she likes about working with artists is that they help other artists.  It’s true – I’ve been able to help an artist who securely zip-tied his booth down against rain on a Saturday evening and on Sunday morning was wandering round calling ‘Has anyone got a pair of scissors?’ I have helped and been helped in wind and rain.  I have written up sales for other artists, and had them do the same for me.

The other week when Rick Pantele and I were driving to San Diego, he took a call from Michael E. Gordon (we’d not heard of each other before then). Rick  had borrowed  a 3×4 foot photograph of his and he needed it back the next day, for the Beverly Hills show at the weekend.  There seemed no choice but for Rick to drive to Michael’s studio in Long Beach that evening or brave LA Friday traffic the following day to meet him in Beverly Hills. Ugh.

But wait.  The photograph is at Rick’s house, and we’re going back there after our Kaiser installation.  On my drive home, I’ll be passing close to John Weidenhamer’s studio.  John’s also going to Beverly Hills the next day.  A few phone calls later we’ve turned a nightmare trip for Rick into a short detour for me and a small extra load for John.  And just to complete the circle – guess who I was in the next booth to at La Quinta yesterday – Michael E. Gordon!

And I’m also the recipient of the good karma too.  Last Thursday Christina Lange was taking down her show at Pioneer’s Museum.  I’d promised the curator, Ginger Ryerson, that I’d trade out the two oils and a watercolor that were there for some refractured watercolors.  She took a couple of shots of the paintings she’d hung in the museum – here’s one of them.


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