We’ve come to deliver the sky.

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This is what I got up to yesterday.  Drove up to meet Rick Pantele of A Company of Artists in Rancho Mirage, and from there we set out together to San Diego.  Went to meet Mark O’Donnell at Pixel 2 Editions San Diego, and stuffed stretcher bars, canvas and various other bits and pieces into two cars and headed for a Kaiser Permanente building a few miles away.

Carrying some of our equipment, we piled into the freight elevator and up to reception.  “Hello!  We’ve come to deliver the sky.”

The sky that we were delivering is a reproduction on canvas of my refractured watercolor, “Tranquility with Tree“.  Because of the dimension ratio required for the space, Mark had done some mirroring to extend the image to fit.  I was really impressed with how he handled it – pretty seamless when you compare with the original!  The downside of delivering a 5’x10′ sky is that it doesn’t fit into a car – it wouldn’t even have fit in my big Silverado without the tailgate down, so we had to construct it on site.

The conference room we were working in was just roomy enough for two of us to work!  It took Mark and I three hours to put it together, while Rick did some PR, put up the hanger bars and intermittently assisted when it got to some of the needs-six-hands stages.

I believe the staff in the office were very impressed with the result.


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