Skies curated into third week of Atlanta Billboard display.

You may remember an earlier email about some of my work being included in Billboard Art Project shows.  The one that is currently running is in Atlanta, GA and is four weeks long.  I did not find this out until a couple days ago, but the show was divided into three segments.  The first two weeks showed all artwork submitted.  The third and fourth weeks are individually curated shows selected from submitted work.  I found this out because one or more of my skies are included in the third week’s show!

Guest curator Katerina Lanfranco has curated “Color Shift”, her personal selection of images that will run for October 13 – 19. I don’t yet know which image(s) were accepted, but here’s my favorite from the ones I sent in for that show.  And Katerina’s video.  I expect there will be a later video recording which images were included.


One thought on “Skies curated into third week of Atlanta Billboard display.

  1. Jeni, hi there! Thank you so much for coming to the Artober Fest in Moreno Valley this last weekend and painting your beautiful skyscapes in public. I greatly appreciate your work and your willingness to share with us your beautiful work.


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