The whole ocean waves hello…

“Jessie’s Sunset” acrylic on wraparound canvas, 20″x16″. To be auctioned in March 2013, all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Association.

I have just completed “Jessie’s Sunset” – a painting to be auctioned for the Alzheimer’s Association next march.  This is a response painting to the artwork of an Alzheimer’s patient, Jessie Hobson (see earlier blog).

I chose to paint Jessie – I have not met her, but a female figure representing her – looking out at the ocean sunset, the storm clouds coming between her and the vanishing sun.  On the beach behind her lay two beach umbrellas with blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

The writing at the edge of the water reads: “Did you ever notice as you walk down to the water, it is so happy to see you, the whole ocean waves hello.”  A couple of lines from a poem I wrote many years ago.

Across the spines of the beach umbrellas are the words: “Umbrellas are a memory that let us down slowly.”

If you are reading a lot of end-of-life metaphors into that, yes, that is my intent.

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