Beach Umbrellas – a memory.

“Untitled” by Jessie Hobson, referred to as “Beach Umbrellas.”

Jessie Hobson is an Alzheimer’s patient, and has painted this memory during one of the workshops held by the Alzheimer’s Association.  (At least I think it’s the Alzheimer’s Association that is organizing these – I hope they will both forgive me if there is another care entity that is the actual organizer.)  Although she did not title her work, it was sent to me as ‘Beach Umbrellas’.

I have been again selected as a pairing artist to create a painting that will be auctioned next March with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association.  I the next few weeks I will create a ‘pairing piece’ in response to Jessie’s work.  As the facility is about 200 miles from me, Caroline Harwood who is the artist contact point emailed me a few photos of work and this one jumped out at me, reminding me of a poem I wrote many years ago.  I had a similar inspiration last year.

My biggest decision, though , will be which medium to work in, as I have free reign.  Last year I created a watercolor in response to a watercolor.  This year I might use something else…

3 thoughts on “Beach Umbrellas – a memory.

  1. definitely proud of you for doing this. when you have the painting ready, send me the image and the auction details and we’ll help promote it

    Christine Debany Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi there Jeni. Yes indeed. It is the San Diego/Imperial Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association that organizes the Memories in the Making program. Our teachers are in over 35 local facilities in the San Diego area and it is a wonderful way of allowing people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia to “speak” through art, sometimes when they have no verbal words of their own anymore. Thanks so much for doing this Jeni..can’t wait to see what unfolds. All of your fans should come to the Art Auction at USD in March! 🙂

    Caroline, Alzheimer’s Association


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