“The earth rolled day away and as I turned home was astounded by night’s gown of lace.” on ‘The Other Side of Sunset’.

Robert Burridge once said something like “Paintings are never really finished, they just stop in interesting places.”  So, I decided to continue the journey for some of my larger acrylics.

Another of the items that feeds into that my major artistic influence as a child was poetry – an artform of historical importance in my native country – and I have written poetry on and off since I was about 7.  I used to read poetry on the LA poetry scene – though it’s a bit of a trek for that now.  In one of the adventures during that particular part of my life, I was in a group who were invited to write poems inspired by artwork in a gallery show.  Conversely, one of my more unusual commissions was to paint the words of a song.

So, I decided to put all these together and write something poetic to be added to some of my paintings.  I decided also to add them on very subtly so they are not obvious from the distance at which you’d view the painting. I’ve added the texts on the pages for individual paintings on my website.  Here’s a close-up of one.


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