Familiar territory

“Marching Band of Rainers” acrylic, 4″x4″.

I spent the last week visiting my mother in Wales.  It is strange now for me to go back there – the narrow streets, the strange seeming architecture, the accents!  The skies are so often like this little one – though for this particular week I was blessed with a variety of weathers.  Most days I was able to take long walks along the canal – a lifetime favorite activity.

Despite being the sky lover I don’t care to fly, so the trip is sandwiched between two 11 hours of terror folded up in airline seats that seem to get smaller each year.  It is good to be back!

While I was gone I had some ideas.  Aside from painting, I have written poetry on and off since – well, for decades.  Thinking of the painting ‘Puddles’ that I created for Alzheimers Association in San Diego, and reading about other artists who do further work on paintings after they’re ‘finished’, I decided to add some lines to some of my existing larger acrylics.  I’m hoping to have them ready for Art Walk on the Bay in San Diego this coming weekend.


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