Skies coming to Crestline

“Moon on Water” 10×8″ acrylic on loose canvas. On eBay.

One of the delightful offshoots from the Big Bear storm, is that I met with Michael Faitl, owner of Desert Sun Gallery in Crestline.  I will be taking work up to his gallery on Thursday, to start a small show to run through some time in September – we haven’t firmed up that detail yet.

I will be taking oils and acrylics to this gallery, and have been busy making some additional small paintings for this show.  Michael is a photographer – I have only seen his work online – he got rained out of Big Bear faster than I did!

Also – had a little time this afternoon to put some of the newer collages up on the website – check them out! And some new items on eBay.


2 thoughts on “Skies coming to Crestline

  1. Jeni, I’m disturbed that one of the pieces we’re showing is being listed on eBay for less than you’re asking with us. eBay is NOT a fine art venue. Much as I like your work, with this direction in your sales strategy, I think we jointly need to decide what to do.

    Your thoughts please.


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