The forgotten oil painting

“Riot”. Probably 90% finished and still shiny wet, hence the angle I took the shot at. Plus, you get to see the former bar stool in its new usage.

I’d been so busy in the last month with creating at Ventura, Fontana, and in the studio for eBay (I listed some new collages in the last couple days) and for Big Bear, that the underpainting in the corner hadn’t gotten a look in.  In fact when a couple friends came over the other night, and one asked ‘Can I see what’s in progess in the studio?’ I told him there was nothing to look at.  Well, an underpainting sometimes isn’t.  But I’d actually forgotten it was there.  But, there was time this afternoon to take top off the linseed oil and the coffee can of oil paints.  Ahh, the scent of (my) heaven.  One of the best memories of childhood was the smell of oil paint and linseed.

I’m sure it’s not finished – haven’t signed it yet and there are few paintings I don’t go back and touch up something after the signature, but here is work in progress #929.   I am going to name it ‘Riot’ because the clouds at the horizon are such a riot of different directions.  Probably someone will understand the physics or meteorology of why the clouds ended up looking like pick up sticks, but I don’t have the brain for that.  I just paint ’em.  You can see the photo I worked from on the wall.


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