Blue sky in the morning.

The pole at the left edge of the photo is the other corner of my neighbor’s booth.

Usually it’s ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning’.  I’ve painted quite a few of them.  But Saturday morning in Big Bear started out plain blue. By lunch time that had changed.  Yes, I’ve done a few (only a few, thank you) shows in rain but this was one of the better ones.  Make that Wetter ones.

Clouds puffed up all morning and at noon it started to patter. I rolled down the protective see-thru tarps just before it started to pour.  For 1 and a half hours.  After about an hour the organizers had managed to rustle up a digger to try to bail out the corner of the show area as there was no out-drainage and their little pump couldn’t keep up.

In the bottom right of the pic you can see the handle to a large umbrella – this was about 4 feet from the lower edge of my booth.  I didn’t actually get flooded but was muddy from mid thigh down with walking around in the mud.  So glad I wore flip flops instead of sneakers.  Another neighbor recorded 2″ of rain in his uncovered raku pots.  I spent 90 mins poking pools of  water out of the top of my tent.  Mostly I was prepared – the only thing that truly suffered was my portfolio which got uncovered.

By 5pm most of the equipment was mostly just damp, there were still thunder clouds around us and a forecast of worse storms overnight and Sunday, so I packed up and went home!

On the way, I picked up Riverside Dawn which had just come out of the show in Corona.  It’s on eBay…  (slightly drier shopping experience).


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