The Orange, the Hubcap and the Sky

Hah! That piqued your interest, didn’t it?

It’s amazing where ‘canvases’ can be found. This month I am creating two skies for non-profit entities, on surfaces that I’d not previously worked with.

Riverside Art Museum is organizing ‘OrangeAid’ fundraiser. Artists are provided with a fiberglass Orange and a expectation that it will not be white once it is returned. The Oranges will be raffled to sponsors in November. This surface gives me a chance to do an “all round” sky – inside out. Quite a challenge. I will be working in acrylic for this one.

The other round surface of the month is a hub-cap, provided by Landfill Art. This is the first time I’ve painted on metal and here I will be working in oil.

This month I have only one fair – Yorba Linda on June 3rd. I will be bringing the refractured watercolors.

Also this coming weekend I have a small collage “Big Dipper” in the “Something Superbly Small” show at Brea Gallery. The reception is on Saturday evening 7-9pm. (And I have “superbly small” acrylics in their gift store also.)

Far away in Utica, MI (it’s part of Detroit), another art show is occurring on a billboard 20 sections of my paintings of birds’ faces are being shown in sequence with other artists’ work.

Even further away in Rochester, NY, I have donated 10 small paintings to their annual 6×6 fundraiser. Everyone’s paintings are signed on the back rather than the front so are sold anonymously. Last year all of my 10 paintings sold! You won’t have to look very far to find my work in the display.

I’m also pleased to have been given the oppotunity to show some acrylics with Del Mar Art and Gifts.

Yuma Art Center was a pleasant trip a couple weeks ago – first time that I was able to attend one of their receptions since my show last year. I also brought them some new paintings for the Gift Store.


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