An evening in Yuma.

Another beautiful dawn across the Salton Sea

Last Thursday I took a trip to Yuma, Arizona.

It was a two-fold trip to Yuma Art Center; to see the newest show, and to put some new artwork in the Gift store there.  This has been the first time this winter that I have not been busy when there was an opening show.  It was good to see Kelly (the gift store manager) and Carolyn (the gallery director) again.

I arrived well enough before the opening started to do the business end of things with Kelly.  She chose three watercolors and a few new small acrylics – including the one on the left – ‘Uplift’.

One of the artists in the group show that evening was Ellen Wagener – I was particularly interested in seeing her work as she is also a skyscapist.  Her skies are exquisitely executed in pastel, and are tiny – about 6×4″.

I didn’t get to meet Ellen, but I did get to meet Mickey McLean – an artist in many mediums – and most of the work he was exhibiting that evening was assemblage sculpture; I came home with his “Three Toed Lotor”, which looks a little like a hungry chick.


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