The Sky we live in.

Salton Solstice V.

The Palm Springs fair last month was particularly eventful. It was forecast for rain and wind, but we got none of the former and far too much of the latter. In the morning I sold a painting. After lunch, the “breeze” started and did not let up until it had levelled every tent in Frances Stevens Park. At one point hanging onto one of the heavyweight booths we thought we were going to save I was thinking “This is the sky that we live in, making its presence felt!” Although I had some losses, I consider I was one of the very luckiest ones. Amazingly no one was seriously hurt, I believe. We had many angels in the form of total strangers who just stopped by and helped out in all kinds of ways, from picking up pieces of booths and artwork, to chainsawing a fallen tree off a van. The irony is that I am currently reading “Gone with the Wind”.

This is the sky that we live in. It can be beautiful, and it can be destructive, but without wind and rain, we would not have clouds that make those beautiful dawns and sunsets.

In February I have two events! This weekend I will be opening my Studio in Salton City. If you live nearby you may have already received an email. This was somewhat impromptu but other street fairs are not going to pan out this month, so I thought I would open the doors. Sometimes the walls are bare here, but this will not be the case this weekend.

When: Saturday, Feb 3rd, 10-4pm. (maybe later, if we’re all having fun!)

Where 2638 Sea Crest Pl, Salton City 92275

On the 22nd I will be once again on my hands and knees in front of the Indio City Hall chalking on the sidewalk. Not sure yet what I will paint, but I should have something recognizable by noon or early afternoon.


One thought on “The Sky we live in.

  1. peaceful and well named. hope you bring it and copies to r.m. whitewater park or other desert venues later. calendar or booklet yet?


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