Skies all over the place – including the inside!

Two weeks ago, October was promising to be a one-event month. That all changed.

I had an email from Ginger Ryerson who organizes the art displays for Pioneer’s Museum in Imperial , inviting me to bring some pieces for display for the next year. So, three watercolor collage are now in the upper gallery.

Then I had an opportunity to place a couple of paintings in the Riverside County Administration Building – address is at the bottom of that page) -until late March. Here I decided to show two paintings that rarely leave the house. Most of you will not have heard of the term Synesthesia. It’s an effect of the brain where senses are crossed. I’ll let you click the link to Wikipedia if you wish to learn more.
One of my synesthetic ‘pathways’ is to see colors and sometimes complete visions when hearing music or voices. The two paintings in Riverside are synesthetic visions of music. These are the ‘inner skies’ that I have enjoyed all my life.

This past Monday I took some collages to Redbrick Gallery in Ventura to be part of a group show titled ‘Fresh’, with the theme of water. What? I hear you say, but she paints skies! Jen Livia chose my reflections of the skies as the pieces to include. The reception is on Oct 15th – 6-9pm and I will be demonstrating the cutting and assembly of a collage. Jen Livia has a wonderful gallery and I am thrilled to have been included.

Away we go. Oil on canvas. 36″x48″. $2160.

The following Monday, Oct 17th sees the reception for another group show – this time in Palm Desert. I will be participating in a show titled ‘Elements’ with Lynne Hampton Cunningham and Gary Mergelkamp. This reception is at the Palm Desert Commuity gallery from 5:30-7pm. I will be showing mostly
oils, including my latest, “Away we Go!”, and probably one or two acrylics. If you’re in the area this is a perfect way to end a Monday!

An interesting item came up – the chance to show some artwork on digital billboards. The project rents billboards and presents artwork as an alternative to advertizing. As the shape of the billboards is very different to that of most of my existing artwork, I decided to do a composition.
The first of these will be shown starting on October 22nd on Pontchartrain Expressway, in New Orleans. I don’t expect everyone to visit the Big Easy just to see it, so it will be on the front page of my website this month.

I had “The Best is Yet to Come” accepted in the
Peace Project on The Whole 9 and there is an exhibition at Gallery 9 in Culver City on Oct 22nd. All artwork in this exhibition is reproduction; the painting itself is at Red Brick Gallery and I won’t be at this exhibition because…

I’ll be in Moreno Valley on Oct 22nd, at the fourth Artoberfest.

The following Saturday, Oct 29th, I’ll be in La Quinta for the first of the .
Umbrella shows At both of these fairs I will be bringing acrylics – and a good excuse for you to get ahead of the curve on the holiday shopping. Small skyscapes on wraparound canvas, ready to hang, in the $20-$60 price range.

I also got a bit of kudos – I am Artist of the Month on
Professional Fine Art Network – thank you, Joanie.


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