The studio painting that I planned for last month took on a life of its own and I ended up painting the whole house – with a little help from my neighbor when it came to the kitchen. Vaulted ceilings look beautiful but take a lot of time to paint!
Now I’m back to spending more time painting *in* the studio.

“Puddles”. A response painting to the artwork of an Alzheimer’s patient.

My latest completed work is a piece for a fundraising auction for – San Diego Alzheimer’s Association. This is a cause ‘close to home’ for me – both my father and his mother died of the disease.
I was chosen for the ‘pairing’ project, where the artist makes a piece of art in response to one created by an Alzheimer’s patient. I was inspired by the title and colors of Dorothy Johnson’s ‘Puddles’.
I was reminded of a poem entitled Puddle that I wrote many years ago – and painted a sky with puddles similar to Dorothy’s colors, and put the poem along the horizon.


If you think that I
am shallow
or superficial
as a rain puddle
consider that
when the clouds
have run away
I am as deep as
the blue sky
and can show you
your own face
as others see it

Check out more about the project at www.sanalz.org

And a second layer of paint is drying on a large oilpainting in the studio. I’m hoping to have that done for the group show in Palm Desert next month.

One big show coming up this month – ArtWalk on the Bay in San Diego on the 10th and 11th. http://www.artwalkonthebay.org/


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