Ah, August.

August Afternoon

August Afternoon

Time to estivate.  (That’s the opposite of hibernate, for those of you who went ‘huh?’) After a cooler than usual June and July, we’re finally having normal weather here in Salton City. (It’s about 106.) The silence of the desert disturbed by the constant hum of air conditioners.  Time to sit at the desk in the studio and gaze out of the window at the thunderheads forming and reforming over the Chocolate mountains. If I am lucky, the fat cloud that is thundering and raining to the south west will head my way and I will hear the patter of raindrops on my roof. We were blessed with such clouds at Fontana last Saturday for the Fontana Arts Festival, and this time I say blessed because rain held off until the end of the evening.  It was a really enjoyable festival.  I had seven people try collaging at the little workshop in my booth – and they all had fun!  The most interesting things were to see different techniques such as leaving blank spaces and cutting “frilled” pieces.  This is the third time I have done a workshop like this – perhaps I should host a few more.  I must say that the City of Fontana is very supportive of the arts and it’s a pleasure to work with them!

OK, but August will not be all chillin.  I have a show this weekend in Fullerton – Friday evening and Saturday at Carpe Diem Experience.  115 S. Harbor Blvd, in the SOCO district of downtown Fullerton (cross sts. Commonwealth & Santa Fe) On the Friday I will be the featured artist in their breezeway for the First Friday Artwalk, and will be back again on the Saturday.  (Forecast 82 degs! – almost chilly :-)).  It’s one of the very few venues I have in Orange County, so if that’s your home turf, don’t hesitate to come by!

And the rest of the month – I think I’m going to paint something I’ve never painted before:  my studio. And then, some inspiration from the thunderheads forming and reforming over the Chocolate mountains.


2 thoughts on “Ah, August.

  1. I left a comment on the Mentorship page @ Xanadu website but came to see your work and want to tell you first of all that I love your skies! I suspected and now have the answer to my question of what is a ‘refracted’ watercolor. Very exciting indeed!!! But I am still not clear on your comment that you wrap them on a panel or gallery wrap with “an acrylic glaze”? This sounds intriguing to me so I thought I’d inquire about your ingenious method.
    Thank you,


    • Hi Sandy,
      Thank you for asking. Actually the phrase I use is ‘refractured’ watercolors. I got that word from some quilters who recognized a similarity between my style and a method they sometimes use – which is to make the same quilt several times and then cut it up and quilt it back together. This is essentially what I do – painting the same sky background multiple times and then cut up – refracture – and fit back together, then put the foreground on top. A year or so ago I thought I would see what some ‘refractured’ quilts look like, so I googled, and google asked if I meant ‘fractured’ quilts. I’d mis-remembered the term. So not only is the method unique (I believe) but so is the term. It is a little different than ‘collaging’ which I also do – the latter is from the leftover pieces from the original refractures.
      As for the acrylic glaze, I am mounting the refractured watercolors on a panel – and by gallery wrap I mean the paper goes around the edges. Yes, it is quite a challenge to glue the corners in three directions at once – and then I spray with acrylic spray (so the glaze doesn’t rip up the watercolors, as it is waterbased) and will then paint on several layers of transparent acrylic glaze. I use several – self leveling gel from Golden, have also used satin glaze, even mod-podge! They all dry transparent.
      The interesting part is that this gives the work texture. How many watercolorists do you know whose work has texture!


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